Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Marvellously Vintage Weekend

Another hectic week and as usual not enough hours in the day or days in the week, although I did manage a crafty 40 winks here on Tuesday!

However a massive kick up ones backside was in order if I was ever going to be ready for Mary's Marvellous Vintage and Craft Market on Saturday.
There were still buttons to be stitched and pom poms to be made and tons of vintage to be priced and wrapped. This is the hardest part for me, deciding whether to keep or sell.
It was touch and go as to whether I would make it in time as once again Babs decided to show off again and wouldn't start despite just having a new starter motor fitted GGGRRRRRRR!
There was nothing else to do but to reload everything into our teeny tiny fiat 500.
Luckily there wasn't much traffic so we made it in plenty of time and I even managed a quick whizz around after I had set up my table to take one or two snaps of some of the stalls.

My lovely friends Claire and Marie A.K.A George and Mildred (still not sure who is george and who is Mildred!)

My what lovely brooches you have ladies!

gorgeous hand stitched felt from Tommy and Zac.

Sadly I didn't manage to get this lady's name but her cushions were beautiful and Stan didn't last much longer than half an hour before someone snapped him up.

and last but not least this is my little table

it was a great day and as usual it was packed with vintage gorgeousness.
It's so very well organised and a really friendly event with a great atmosphere.
...... Oh and if you are reading this St Mary's the chocolate and guinness cake was absolutely amazing and if there had been any left I would have been back for more!

We took the blue eyed boy here today.
Not counting the ladies who were serving teas and coffees I was the only other female there!

He has quite a large collection of Hornby which has outgrown his bedroom so we are in the process of emptying the loft to house his trains and as a little locomotive layout inspiration was needed we thought this would be ideal as its only about a 20 minute drive away.

We came away with some really good ideas and can't wait to get cracking, just got to get the loft sorted out now, something else to add to the never ending 'to do' list.

We took a leisurely stroll around the Botanical gardens just to round the day off nicely and as the ice cream van was parked outside the gates we thought it would be extremely rude to walk past without stopping and I did need to rid my purse of some of that change from the fair after all, so 99's all round then!
the blue eyed boy took this on his i pod and I don't think he did too badly.

The Easter Hols haven't started for us yet as we don't break up until Thursday and boy are we ready.
We are planning nothing more than a trip to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester and eating our own body weight in chocolate eggs........ providing we don't get snowed in!

hope you are all having a great weekend : )

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  1. I knew that I was right not to go to St.Mary's, how can so much gorgeousness fit into one room!! :)