Saturday, 28 April 2012

Car Booty

My first car boot of the year and what a haul.
To be honest I wasn't really expecting to find much as it was only a small one held at a care home that I pass on my way to work, and it's in quite a run down area of the city.
You can imagine my excitement when I saw these.

What's more, I only had to part with £5 for the lot!

Bitten by the bug I asked Mr. H if he fancied popping down to Hillsborough to a few of the local charity shops just to see if there where any other bits and bobs just waiting to be snapped up.
I think the promise of a sausage roll clinched the deal and 15 minutes later he was stuffing his face and as for me, well I was stuffing my bag with this little lot (much better for the waistline!)

a gorgeous pair of barkcloth curtains in perfect condition and quite a good size, also spotted next to the curtains was the pretty crochet blanket made from lovely soft wool, which I think has been made for a pram but also a perfect size for keeping my ageing knees cozy!
I'm a sucker for a wooden coat hanger so I was more than happy to hand over the 10p asking price!
Last but not least the blue and white striped pillowcase, another absolute bargain at 50p

You think that would be enough treasure for one day, but NO there's plenty more where that came from................

A Woodsware 'Jasmine' coffee pot to add to our everyday crockery , a lovely green glass vase with painted flowers and a Hunstanton pepper pot also to add to our little collection...................but this by far has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

O.k it may need a little scrub with the old toothbrush before I would ever let an egg within an inch of it but I couldn't resist buying it.

Returning home with an empty purse but wearing a massive smile I asked Mr H if he fancied helping me out with something......................

Hope you are having fun : )

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  1. Wow - you certainly had a great day! Love everything, especially the Rupert books.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger