Sunday, 23 June 2013

Cake Stop

 It seems like the an age ago now but  Little A spent the recent last school holidays on camp with Scouts (not missing us one little bit as it turns out)

  The Mister and I took full advantage of doing all the things that 12 year olds hate. 
We decided to tootle out to Otley. For some reason I thought we had never been here before, only passing through on our way back from my birthday celebrations in Harrogate a couple of years ago.
Despite being a bit of a damp and dull day, the scenery was stunning

It soon became apparent that we had been before and although it's a sweet little place, it wasn't going to entertain us for a full day. 

We stumbled upon this little place tucked away in a tiny little courtyard.
I would have loved to have gone inside but we had Bruce with us so we plonked ourselves outside and pondered on where to go next.... 

: )

Monday, 17 June 2013

Summer Lovin

I absolutely bloomin love the sunshine, and here in sheffield we have had it by the bucket load, but not before time!

It's been like heaven arriving home from work and enjoying my afternoon cuppa in our little secret part of the garden.

essential reading material

summer in a glass

equally delicious

The garden has really come in to it's own this year and things are maturing nicely, some parts of the garden are lacking in colour at the moment but with a little tweaking here and there, this time next year everything should be looking the way I'd like.

Unfortunately the sun seems to have done a runner and it's back to cloud and grey skies with a rumble of thunder threatened for later on this week.
Hope you  enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted.

: )  x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Middle Month

June already and the Summer holidays are only weeks away.
It's also the last month before little H becomes a teenager and we are already experiencing the joys... I'll  leave it there for now!

Blogging is a little hit and miss with me at the moment, I  seem to have the attention span of a goldfish. I think Instagram has to take some responsibility for this as it's an instant fix when blogging seems to take up so much time.
I have every intention to carry on with this blogging malarkey as I do love it but the way things are going , I predict I will continue along the 'every now and again' path.

Aside from the pre teen shenanigans things are tickety and jobs are slowly but surely being crossed off the list

I JUST managed to paper the garden room with the last remaining roll (I kid you not) of Chintz wallpaper  in the country!
It was touch and go as to whether I could eek it out but I made it.
Garden room sounds very grand but in actual fact it's the back half of the garage which we converted to make a room joining the kitchen to the garden, a bit like a conservatory minus the glass!

The Kitchen unit has been painted 

Try not to notice that smudge on the glass!!!

 Iv'e done a few little crafty bits and pieces

A first attempt at bag making, complete with vintage tablecloth lining and pockets!

a few cross stitch bits and bobs for card making

  and one or two car boots have come up trumps.

apologies for the photos, some were taken in the dark and the others could have been edited slightly better.
I promise I will try harder next time!

Oh yes nearly forgot to mention, if you want to check me out on Instagram the link is in my sidebar, its the little camera button above the Pinterest button

Thanks x