Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas shenanigans

Happy Christmas everyone, hope you have had a fabulous time.
We spent a few blissful days in Pickering prior to Christmas not returning home until Christmas Eve which was very relaxing, although the run up to our departure was slightly stressful to say the least!
Presents were wrapped and delivered, the food shop done and dusted apart from the turkey but as there are a couple of butchers and farm shops nearby we were confident we could pick one up on our travels but for a while we did feel like we were playing turkey roulette! as it turned out there was no need to panic as the butcher had a couple left and agreed to save us one until Christmas eve.

Regular readers will know that Pickering has to be one of my favourite places and we head up there every Christmas staying at The White Swan, dogs are allowed so even Brucie gets in on the act.

First stop on Saturday morning was Reeds, my favourite shop in Pickering, it's the paper/gift shop and upstairs is the most wonderful little room full of gorgeousness, if you fancy taking a peek for yourself check out Annes blog where you will find a link to her lovely shop.
Although I have never been during the war weekend, I know it transforms into the most fabulous tea room (hopefully I will get to see it in 'real life' next year). I usually get my war weekend fix from Hen's blog.

The NYMR is always a hive of activity at this time of year as Father Christmas takes time out from his busy schedule to hop on the steam train to meet the Children. Little H used to love this (as did we) but sadly he feels he is a little too grown up to visit Father Christmas now he's twelve.
It didn't stop us taking a stroll down to the station before popping into the model railway shop across the road.

We tootled over the moors on Sunday to Whitby which I have to say was strangely quiet. I just managed to whip out my phone in time to take this.

It was somewhat surreal to say the least to see Father Christmas speeding through Whitby on his sleigh on which was probably the most quietest of days.

After a bracing walk on Sandsend beach we headed back into town to Humble pie for the most delicious pie and mash I have ever tasted and it's only a couple of doors away from Trudie's shop, Dotty about vintage so double the pleasure!

Before we knew it Christmas Eve came around and it was time to collect our turkey and fruit and veg and pack up and head for home... always a sad time as I never feel ready to leave but it was a great feeling knowing we could take our time as everything was organised at home....I had even set the table before we left.

We took a slight detour and drove through the Howardian Hills and past Castle Howard.

It was really lovely to spend quality time together for a few days on the run up to the big day without the frantic dashing around and also to take some time out from cooking. We watched some great T.V, Merlin and Mr. Stink being our favourites and played board games in the Bothy.

So the big day arrived and all I can say is I must have been a very good girl this year as Father Christmas left me some beautiful prezzies in my you Mr. H ; )


Monday, 24 December 2012

Are you ready?

Arrived safely back this afternoon after a fantastically Christmassy 3 day break in Pickering (more about that next time).
I love going away on little jaunts but I'm always happy to return to our lovely home, especially when it looks so festive.

Everything is prepared and ready for tomorrows festivities so all that's left for me to do is kick back with a cheeky little tipple and maybe a mince pie or two and wish you all a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A PEACEFUL NEW YEAR

: )

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Lazy(ish) Sunday

Today was supposed to be our Chatsworth day. We don't visit as often as we used to but we do go every Christmas without fail, thing is I just didn't feel like venturing out today, maybe it had something to do with having a late night last night at Mr. H's work Christmas party but I just fancied staying at home and enjoying the warm cozy feeling and the twinkling fairy lights....Mr H went out and bought another set today to adorn the apple tree in the front garden (I am slightly concerned now as every time he goes out he comes home with another set!)

This nativity is very special to me as it was given to me by one of the Sisters when I worked at the Convent. It's always little H's job to put the crib in on Christmas eve. I love these little traditions we have created over the years since he came along.

Anyhows Iv'e managed to get a few more jobs done in preparation for the big day, Iv'e wrapped a few more prezzies, baked a few mince pies and made a few sparkly snowflakes to top the cupcakes at work tomorrow.
All the present shopping is now complete and everything is ready to deliver this week before we head up to North Yorkshire on Friday.
We've decided not to order the turkey this year but to get one while we are up there, there are a couple of great butchers and a fabulous farm shop just outside pickering, hopefully we aren't tempting fate as we have my mum dad and grandma coming for Christmas lunch and I don't think they would be very impressed if we didn't have a bird!!!

As some of you know I had a little giveaway last week so thanks to everyone who entered and left a comment.
Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a quality street tin, this one being vintage and minus the chocolate so perfect for the occasion, so the names were added and little A rummaged around for a bit before picking a winner.
So without further ado, drumroll please!.................

I am happy to announce the winner ...... Claire over at Thriftwood.
Your parcel is all wrapped and ready and waiting to be taken to the post office tomorrow so it should be finding it's way to Cumbria in the next couple of days.
Claire has a great blog by the way, so why not make yourself a cuppa and pop over.

Something else that's making me happy this week is this

It's the little things!
Hope you've had a great pre Christmas weekend, I'm off now to sample a mince pie while watching SPOTY........COME ON WIGGO!!!

: )

Friday, 14 December 2012


You still have time to enter the giveaway.
Just drop by and say hello and leave a festive comment and I will put your name into the christmas biscuit tin and at 8pm precisely my little helper will pick a name at random.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

: )

Monday, 10 December 2012

OOOH!... It's giveaway time

A little while ago I mentioned a Christmas giveaway I had in mind.
I suppose I just want to say thank you to all you lovely peeps who take the time to read my ramblings and for those of you who leave me a comment. I do try my very best to reply to each of you but even when I don't it doesn't mean I don't appreciate it.

If you do take that little step further and become a follower thats great as it does make me all warm and smiley inside but it's not the be all and end all for me so therefore I am not requesting you become a follower to be able to enter the giveaway, I would however appreciate a lovely comment and maybe cold hard cash *kidding OBVIOUSLY!!!

Seriously just leave your comment so that I can get back to you if you are picked at random by my little helper, who will be none other than the lovely little H who will be plucking a name from a festive recepticle on Friday 14th December.....I know I'm cutting it a bit fine but hopefully you will be able to hang it in time for the big day.

I suppose a pic would be a good idea, otherwise there would be no point in entering now would there?!!!

It's the cute and kitschy little deer I made a few weeks ago from Cath's latest book.

So good luck and I look forward to reading your comments

: )

Sunday, 9 December 2012

.....and breathe!

Phew, finally the last craft/vintage fair of this year over with and everything packed away.
To be honest, I have only done a handful of fairs this year as Iv'e not had much spare time, but the ones I have done I have really enjoyed and met some wonderful people both customers and fellow crafters.
Speaking of which, a fellow Sheffielder/blogger and thoroughly crafty lady dropped by St Mary's on Saturday and handed me a little package.
I had planned to take it home and open it as a treat after a long day but curiosity got the better of me and before I could contain myself I had taken a peek inside.

I was so deeply touched by this gorgeous button and why Anna had made it for me. I am always amazed how kind, thoughtful and generous people can be.
Anna has recently opened an Etsy shop selling her beautiful hand made buttons so pop over and take a look here.

I didn't manage to get any photographs from Mary's Marvellous vintage and craft market yesterday. I don't know why it takes me so long to set up, maybe it's because I didn't have the chance to do a trial run but I only finished with 5 minutes to spare so I didn't even get the opportunity to have a look at the other stalls (although I did manage to buy another two vintage glass baubles despite having a basket full of them for sale on my own stall!)
Nevertheless here are a few little snaps from today's fair where I shared a table with the lovely Adele.

Despite the lack of customers and poor sales we still had a giggle and picked up a few bits and bobs for ourselves along the way. We had some lovely comments about the stall and how pretty it looked which sometimes means more than a sale, although I was a little disappointed I didn't manage to sell any of the paper stockings I made.

Well another week over and another busy week ahead but hopefully I will have time to catch up with my favourite blogs with a huge cuppa and a mince pie or two!

I'll leave you with a picture from the Hotchpotch house, which despite being the bathroom it still hasn't managed to escape the Christmas fairy!!!

: )

Friday, 7 December 2012

In desperate need of calm

As usual,so much to do, so little time.
Iv'e been up to all sorts over the last couple of weeks, Iv'e barely had chance to catch my breath.
Last Friday we tootled over to Harrogate for the Country Living Christmas fair, initially we were only going for the day but the lovely Mr. H thought it would be a nice idea to stay over, so who was I to argue.
We had a great time enjoying the fair and just spending some time together away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Sadly I didn't take any photos while I was there, although it wasn't overly busy, it was still difficult to get close enough to take pictures, besides I was way too preoccupied eyeing up the goodies on offer.

I bought myself this pretty little posy brooch.

We left the fair and had a good old mooch around Harrogate... a four hour mooch to be precise only stopping only for much needed refreshment.

We had dinner in the hotel, which meant we didn't have to travel back into Harrogate which was great as it was absolutely freezing.
We rounded off a lovely day by indulging in a little (actually mine was a rather large) cocktail in the bar before collapsing into bed around 11 o'clock feeling absolutely knackered!

After a lovely hearty Yorkshire breakfast on Saturday morning,we popped over the road to Betty's at Harlow Carr for a fat rascal and a few Christmas goodies before heading home (via Knaresborough) to collect the Christmas tree.
The remainder of the evening was spent decorating said tree, scoffing chocolate and watching S.C.D so all in all I would say it was a perfect evening.

Iv'e managed to collect quite a few loads of vintage baubles over the years and only a couple of weeks ago I picked up a box full of beauties, most of which are now dangling from the branches of the tree and the rest I will take along to the vintage fair tomorrow.

Little H also has his own tree in his room that he decorates himself and I have to say he's done a good job this year.
Hopefully next week we will have time to pick up another smallish tree for the dining room. As you can probably tell, I LOVE Christmas!

There was no let up on Sunday either as there were jobs around the house to tackle and the usual laundry/ironing/homework and cleaning. I would have loved to have just put my feet up and had a little snooze but there was just so much to do and as I had a friend calling round for a cuppa and a chinwag straight after work on Monday I had to make sure the house was at least a tiny bit tidy.

I'm not too sure where this week has gone but it's Friday already and I'm still chasing my tail trying to get everything ready for Mary's Marvellous vintage and craft market tomorrow, don't get me wrong I don't mind a little bit of pressure as it keeps me on my toes but it's been a ridiculously busy week.
I met up with another friend on Tuesday in town for tea and cake and even managed to get another Christmas prezzie for Mr. H (can't say too much as he reads this) and then Wednesday I met up with Adele a.k.a my thrifting partner in crime for a super duper afternoon starting with tea and cake at Elsecar followed by a mooch around the antique centre. I don't get as much pleasure from antique centres these days and would much prefer to scour the charity shops but I did pick up a little pack of happy family cards which kept me happy, however Adele spotted some fabulous tumblers tucked away in the corner of a cabinet that was also tucked away in a corner (I'm sure the specs she wears are of the bionic kind, specially made for spotting a bargain from 100 paces!)

So all in all it's been an enjoyable albeit a very busy week, which ends on Sunday with another craft fair/car boot/table top sale at a very nice school where I will be sharing a stall with the lovely Adele.
Thankfully this will be my last fair of the year so I will be able to pack away my treasures for a while.
Just before I bid you farewell I will leave you with this little lot for you to feast your mince pies upon (Christmas pun intended!)

I am lucky enough to be bloggy friends with the lovely Ada over at Vintage Sheet Addict who not only leaves lovely comments on my blog she has kindly sent me these gorgeous vintage papers.

For the time being I am going leave them where I can glance at them and admire and enjoy them as they are, maybe even plucking up the courage over the next few months to use them in a crafty project *GULP!
So thank you Ada x

Hopefully I will be back next week with some photos from the Vintage/Craft fairs so wish me luck and I will see you all on the other side!
I would love to say that I'm off now to have 40 winks but sadly I have felt 'paper chains' to cut and stitch together.....Oh well onwards and upwards!

: )

Monday, 26 November 2012

Checking in

Just wanted to drop in and say hello as I know I'm not really going to get chance to do a 'proper' post for a few days.
I also wanted to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments I am receiving and to welcome everyone who has clicked on the follow button.
I'm off to the Country Living Christmas fair in Harrogate on Friday with Mr. H so no doubt I will have lots to tell next week and lots of pictures.

Until then hope you all have a great week.
: )

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Amidst the chaos

Life is a little hectic again here in the Hotchpotch household.
I have a couple of craft/vintage fairs coming up in the next few weeks, so I am working my little fingers to the bone trying to make a few new bits and bobs for the stall.
I have a weekend trip away with Mr.H next week and then on the 21st December we will all be making our annual trip to North Yorkshire staying here until Christmas eve, so as you can probably guess I am ever so slightly stressed... in a good way, but stressed all the same.

Amidst all this chaos I stopped today just to take a few moments to admire these.

Hope your'e having a tickety boo Tuesday!

: )

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cake, craft and more cake

I finally managed to get the Christmas cake made this week. It's normally baked around the end of September and has had at least 3 dousings of brandy by now so I am way behind.

I can't say I am entirely happy with the end result as it cooked a little too quickly for my liking and I fear it may be slightly dry. I'm sure Mr. H will tell me if it's not up to my usual standard!

On the upside I had a lovely friend come over on Saturday while the boys were away at football.
We had a great day starting off with not one but two Christmas fairs at local churches.
We both have a passion for vintage and thrifting so I was afraid we would be fighting over the goodies but all was well as there was plenty enough bargains for the two of us.
I found a few bits and bobs that were looking for a new home.

A plate rack that will be perfect for the new cupboard and in yellow

a cute little tablecloth which reminds me of Christmas, I think it must be the colours.

buttons because one can never have too many, especially at 20p

Christmas and vintage, what more could you want!

As well as all the bric-a-brac there was a beautiful stall full of knitted goodies.
There were so many gorgeous things to choose from, sadly I didn't take a photograph partly because the room was so full and also because I was way to giddy to even contemplate whipping out the camera and wasting valuable shopping time. I eventually came away with these.

a gorgeous pair of hand warmers made from the softest wool for £2.50 and the brooch £3.00

a pair of coat hangers, the larger one was £2.50 and the smaller one was £2.00, I couldn't believe the lady was selling them at this price.

something to listen to while I'm pottering.

last but not least two cornish tea towels which will probably end up as cushion covers for the campervan.

After lunch in the church hall it was back to mine to peruse our haul, and what a haul, between us I think we had three large bags full of goodies.

The whole purpose of the day was for us to get together for a full day of crafting so out came the slippers and footstools, followed by the wool, felt, paper and punches.
How time flies when your'e having fun!

Afternoon tea was served from the trolley.
We had a great girly day and we have planned our next day out so I am looking forward to that.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post, the kitchen cupboard is well on the way to being finished so hopefully there will be a reveal next week. I'm feeling slightly under pressure now I just hope it lives up to the hype!

Oh yes nearly forgot this is what I picked up from the church Christmas Fair last weekend for a fiver.

It's residing here for now but I want it in it's rightful place at the bottom of the bed so the furniture will need a re-jig (something else to add to the bloody list!)
I have some lovely barkcloth that I think will be perfect for re covering the top but for now I will enjoy it as it is.

Today I have been enjoying the sunshine.

this was the view from my bedroom window this morning.

Iv'e also been pottering around the house, ripping out a cupboard that Mr. H and I have got sick of the sight of, so on a whim this morning after breakfast we decided enough was enough and out it came!
We always seem to embark on some D.I.Y project or other just before the festive season, so not only have we got the kitchen cupboard to finish painting and lining we have now got to repaint the dining room walls, all this before next weekend.

Wish me luck!
Hope you are all having a great weekend whatever you are up to

: )