Sunday, 16 December 2012

Lazy(ish) Sunday

Today was supposed to be our Chatsworth day. We don't visit as often as we used to but we do go every Christmas without fail, thing is I just didn't feel like venturing out today, maybe it had something to do with having a late night last night at Mr. H's work Christmas party but I just fancied staying at home and enjoying the warm cozy feeling and the twinkling fairy lights....Mr H went out and bought another set today to adorn the apple tree in the front garden (I am slightly concerned now as every time he goes out he comes home with another set!)

This nativity is very special to me as it was given to me by one of the Sisters when I worked at the Convent. It's always little H's job to put the crib in on Christmas eve. I love these little traditions we have created over the years since he came along.

Anyhows Iv'e managed to get a few more jobs done in preparation for the big day, Iv'e wrapped a few more prezzies, baked a few mince pies and made a few sparkly snowflakes to top the cupcakes at work tomorrow.
All the present shopping is now complete and everything is ready to deliver this week before we head up to North Yorkshire on Friday.
We've decided not to order the turkey this year but to get one while we are up there, there are a couple of great butchers and a fabulous farm shop just outside pickering, hopefully we aren't tempting fate as we have my mum dad and grandma coming for Christmas lunch and I don't think they would be very impressed if we didn't have a bird!!!

As some of you know I had a little giveaway last week so thanks to everyone who entered and left a comment.
Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a quality street tin, this one being vintage and minus the chocolate so perfect for the occasion, so the names were added and little A rummaged around for a bit before picking a winner.
So without further ado, drumroll please!.................

I am happy to announce the winner ...... Claire over at Thriftwood.
Your parcel is all wrapped and ready and waiting to be taken to the post office tomorrow so it should be finding it's way to Cumbria in the next couple of days.
Claire has a great blog by the way, so why not make yourself a cuppa and pop over.

Something else that's making me happy this week is this

It's the little things!
Hope you've had a great pre Christmas weekend, I'm off now to sample a mince pie while watching SPOTY........COME ON WIGGO!!!

: )


  1. Thank you so much Mrs H, I'm looking forward greatly to meeting my little CK deer soon! Your home looks lovely and twinkly xxx

    Claire xxx

    1. Thanks Claire, pictures aren't very good though, I'm not great with a camera which is unfortunate for a blogger!
      Iv'e popped in a few extra treats along with the deer.

  2. Well done Claire!!! Sometimes you just need a lazy day to re charge :) x

  3. My sister went yesterday to Chatsworth and said it was amazing. We got a lot, to walkin the grounds and picnic, it lovely there! :)

  4. I'm excited too Mrs. H! The Snowman is exactly what I need on the 24th! :D xx