Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Treasure Hunt

Just a quickie post today as it's been a rather stressful week what with the job hunting / interview malarkey.

Just thought I would give you a little peek of the recent treasures I have managed to hunt down.

The tablecloth is a beautiful thing, it's in near perfect condition and snowy white and was a mere snip at £2.49.... yes you heard me £2.49!

Off now to iron my new treasure

Happy Wednesday everyone : )

Friday, 24 February 2012

That Friday feeling

I can't believe it's Friday already, this week has flown by. I think its due to the fact that the blue eyed boy didn't go back to school until Tuesday due to a teacher training day. Apparently half of his class took in Monday's books instead of Tuesday's - my boy included OOOPS!

Despite the fact I am in between jobs at the moment due to recent redundancy and at home all week, I still get that Friday feeling.
Our weekend starts at around 4.30p.m when the boys arrive home from school/work and bags are emptied and uniform and p.e kits are tipped into the wash basket. This is my absolute favourite time of the week knowing you still have the whole weekend stretching out before you, knowing you can pretty much do what you like without having to clock watch.
Having said all that, we do have plans for both days this weekend. We have been invited to a meal on Saturday evening at our nephew's house, and I have to say his partner is the most fantastic hostess, (hope you are reading this Lesley!) and I know by Monday I will weigh at least a stone heavier :(
Blue eyed boy is going to his aunties for a sleepover with his two cousins, that lady has the patience of a Saint!

Sunday the boys are off to the footy which means a lovely peaceful day for me with plenty of this


and possibly some of this, weather permitting

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend :)

Monday, 20 February 2012

How Time Flies

In the blink of an eye the school holidays are over and my birthday jaunt is just another happy memory.
I received lots of lovely cards, including this one from my gorgeous husband.

I also had some fantastic prezzies from family and friends and quite a few pennies which I'm thinking about spending on this little beauty.

We visited some lovely places during the two days, and sampled tea and cake in most of them!

My boys admiring Titus Salt in Roberts Park, Saltaire
also spotted this in Saltaire and just had to snap it, childish I know!
Platform at Haworth train station

the perfect end to a perfect week was Noel Gallagher at Sheffield Arena last night, who I have to say was absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G just like I knew he would be. God Bless you Noel Gallagher and your High Flying Birds.

Hope you all had a fun filled weekend x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Big Plans

♥ Happy Valentine's Day everyone, hope you are all feeling the luuuurve. ♥

The traumas of last week are now a distant memory as this week is my birthday week and plans are afoot.
It's tradition in our house for the birthday boy/girl to choose a destination, and then off we trot, me, Mr. H, the blue eyed boy and last but not least our fourth family member, Bruce Willis (don't ask!!!) our ever so slightly smelly canine who also happens to share his birthday with me.

The day out wherever it may be usually involves a fair amount of walking and browsing the shops, several cups of tea and at least one piece of cake.
I'm certainly packing it in this year with visits to Hebden Bridge, The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and return visits to Ilkley and my new favourite place, Saltaire and luckily for me this year we are spreading it over two days so I'm hoping we might even squeeze in a quick stop off at a certain shop in Leeds on the way home!

In the mean time I'm trying to complete some unfinished projects that seem to be taking over 'my corner'.
I do try really hard to tidy it away most days but as late afternoon creeps around so do my books, magazines and numerous baskets containing wool and general crafty stuff, or  JUNK as the blue eyed boy prefers to call it, how very dare he!!!

In total contrast this is Mr. H's corner, all neat and tidy with his treasured collection of Rupert annuals taking pride of place.

I'm off now, got to take Brucie for his birthday haircut and pedicure, that dog is more pampered than me!

Monday, 6 February 2012


If you are hoping for cheery pictures of cute kids playing in the snow and building scary looking snowmen with gigantic bodies and wonky heads, then look away now because this is not that kind of post.

This is about men, and how sometimes they can be such D***heads. I know I sounds harsh and  I know not all men are like this and there are some lovely gentlemen out there, and for most of the time my own hairy man child falls into this category, BUT there are some men out there that only their poor mother's could love, and my morning has been full of chance encounters with this type of man.

The first D***head I met this morning was someone who can only be described as a man who made David Brent look positively charming, to be fair he seemed harmless enough until he crossed the line when he started cracking nun jokes after  I had told him I had been made redundant from my job in a convent.

The second D***head was someone who I had the misfortune to walk toward just as he was doing the loudest burp EVER, which in itself was bad enough, but the fact that he was so very obviously proud of his achievement just made my blood boil.

The third man  just smelled like a mouldy kebab so in hindsight I  don't suppose it would be fair to call him a D***head.

Last but not least, the complete and utter D***head who sprayed me from head to toe with dirty grey slush on my way home from the excruciating appointment with David Brent.

even the little stop off at John Lewis for a woolly purchase failed to lift my spirits, so now all my hopes are pinned on the lovely Suggs and his one man show at Buxton tonight with my ever so lovely hairy man child!
Here's hoping that the week improves
 : 0

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hello February

Well January has finally slipped by after what feels like forever and February is here at last. It's not my favourite month by far but it is my birthday month and this usually means a trip somewhere with cake so it's not all bad
Happy February everyone   : )