Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Big Plans

♥ Happy Valentine's Day everyone, hope you are all feeling the luuuurve. ♥

The traumas of last week are now a distant memory as this week is my birthday week and plans are afoot.
It's tradition in our house for the birthday boy/girl to choose a destination, and then off we trot, me, Mr. H, the blue eyed boy and last but not least our fourth family member, Bruce Willis (don't ask!!!) our ever so slightly smelly canine who also happens to share his birthday with me.

The day out wherever it may be usually involves a fair amount of walking and browsing the shops, several cups of tea and at least one piece of cake.
I'm certainly packing it in this year with visits to Hebden Bridge, The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and return visits to Ilkley and my new favourite place, Saltaire and luckily for me this year we are spreading it over two days so I'm hoping we might even squeeze in a quick stop off at a certain shop in Leeds on the way home!

In the mean time I'm trying to complete some unfinished projects that seem to be taking over 'my corner'.
I do try really hard to tidy it away most days but as late afternoon creeps around so do my books, magazines and numerous baskets containing wool and general crafty stuff, or  JUNK as the blue eyed boy prefers to call it, how very dare he!!!

In total contrast this is Mr. H's corner, all neat and tidy with his treasured collection of Rupert annuals taking pride of place.

I'm off now, got to take Brucie for his birthday haircut and pedicure, that dog is more pampered than me!


  1. Hi, just found your pretty blog, the dog is devine, hope you have a lovely birthday on your travels. We used to go through Hebden Bridge when we had been to Gordon Riggs garden centre, we lived in Cumbria then before our move to Dorset. Look forward to reading more... Julie xxx

    1. thanks Julie for your lovely comments and taking the time to read my new blog x