Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Collector's Corner

Despite the long weekend being over in the blink of an eye *sad face* it's a lovely feeling knowing I still have two weeks holiday stretched out before me, although I realise this will also pass me by just as quickly and I won't have managed to do half the things on my list.
I did notice something today while I was pottering around the house trying to look busy but not actually doing anything useful.
It seems we are fast becoming a family of collectors. I don't know how or when it happened but it's pretty clear we all have the collecting bug.

I dont intentionally collect any one specific thing as there are too many gorgeous things I like and I just wouldn't have enough room.

Mr. H has been collecting Rupert Annuals for about 15 years now, and still manages to pick up the odd one but the ones he really needs are going for silly money so until we win the lottery he will just have to settle for the latest copy at Christmas.

This is his favourite - 1966

my favourite -1960

Some of the copies he has are signed by the illustrator but my favourites are the older ones, the colours are more subtle and the paper is just so much more tactile.

This is little H's collection of football badges.
Sheffield Wednesday are his beloved team and he buys a badge at every match.

This is our collection of green glass that we seem to have acquired over the last few years. Most of it has come from charity shops and car boots and one or two pieces were gifts from friends.

Last but not least this is THE bud vase collection.

they are on the landing windowsill and I love the way the sunlight shines through them (even though it does highlight the dust!)
They are at their best when they have just been washed and the glass sparkles, sadly this only happens once in a blue moon as it's a 2-3 hour job.

Off now to iron and pack ready for my little jaunt to the Lakes on Friday, hoping there is room in my little trolley case to squeeze in a few balls of wool and a crochet hook!

Toodle pip : )

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