Sunday, 22 April 2012

A trip up North

Iv'e been looking forward to this jaunt for ages and I was definitely not disappointed.
We left a very sunny Sheffield on Friday morning with a huge picnic and a gigantic brolly bound for one of the wettest places in the country..........Manchester!
Just as we expected, the sky changed from beautiful blue to dismal grey as we crossed the pennines :(
We have been to Manchester so many times during our years together (25 this year -EEEK!) I have lost count, mainly to see bands at The G MEX (showing my age now!!!)and one or two trips to Affleck's Palace and not forgetting another hair raising train journey with my mum to The Trafford Centre when I was about 8 months pregnant with the blue eyed boy!

This trip was slightly less Rock n Roll.

Our destination today was here

Sadly the photos taken from inside really don't do the place justice as it's just so vast and quite dark and atmospheric but mainly because my photography skills are seriously lacking!

this was taken from the viewing platform overlooking the Salford quays just before I went slightly queezy and a lovely delicate shade of green according to Mr H!

Back inside with my feet firmly on solid ground we explored every nook and cranny of this huge place. There is so much to see with collections from the First World War right up to modern day conflicts.
The blue eyed boy (or little H as he seems to prefer) and I were really interested in the Second World War.

taken by little H

taken by me

whereas Mr. H spent a lot more time looking at the modern day war exhibitions.

Little H couldn't believe this was an actual piece from one of the twin towers and he stood for ages just staring trying to take it in, I think he was quite overwhelmed by it, in fact I think everyone felt the same.

We scoffed our fantastic picnic in the car, which is no mean feat when you consider Mr. H is 6ft 4 and we have a little fiat 500, only to discover there was a special designated room for you to do exactly this... Oh well you live and learn!
The rain eased off just long enough for us to cross the footbridge over to the other side of the Quay to The Lowry.
I do love some of Lowry's paintings but this was much more Mr H's thing than ours so me and Little H had a mooch around the Annie Lennox exhibition which was suprisingly interesting.

A good day all round and we would definitely make a return journey.

Back to normal tomorrow and the endless routine of work/school.........roll on June and the Queen's Jubilee.

Happy Sunday : )

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