Monday, 16 April 2012

I ♥ The Lakes

Just back from a lovely weekend in the lake district.
My mum and I hopped on a train Friday morning bound for Kirby Stephen (Actually it was bound for Leeds where we had to change to another train bound for Kirby Stephen, but thats a minor detail!)
The weather was beautiful and the journey was a pleasure, although my mum was convinced someone was going to nick our luggage and she would never cope without her hair straighteners all weekend. My mum is so much more glamourous than me, her toiletry bag alone weighed more than my little trolley case! (only kidding mum if your'e reading this)

A snap taken from the train sadly I can't remember where we were at the time, far too busy drinking tea and chatting!

I forgot to take a snap of the Station at Kirby so I borrowed this from the internet.

It was here we were met by our friend who had so kindly invited us to stay with her for the weekend, this is the second time we have visited so I knew I was in for a real treat, her cottage is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to share it with you but it somehow doesn't feel respectful to plaster photos of someone else's home all over the world wide web. Instead I will share some of the views from the cottage.

these were taken from my bedroom window.

These are views of a small part of the huge garden and beyond.

From the station we had a lovely tour around enjoying the scenery ending up in Windermere for a quick mooch around Lakeland and refuelling on hot chocolate and toasted teacakes (I am an official member of the toasted teacake brigade!)

we then tootled off to Bowness for an hour which was suprisingly quiet considering it was still school holidays.

Always on the lookout for a charity shop bargain I managed to pick up these little beauties.

Saturday was freezing but it didn't stop us doing a bit of fell walking.
This is taken looking down to Ullswater.

luckily we didn't have to climb, as you can drive part of the way up and walk across the top.
A very large black cloud hovered directly over us so we decided it was time to beat a hasty retreat back to the car. Although I consider myself an outdoorsy type of girl, I'm not convinced I'm cut out for fell walking, I appreciate that it's very beautiful but at the same time it can be very bleak and unless the sun is shining it can be very depressing, and much to my disapointment there wasn't an ice cream van in sight!

Just before we headed off the the village hall for the quiz night we took this gorgeous fella for walkies.

just a short walk to the bottom of the lane you come to this, the local village church sadly it could be in danger of closure due to the very small congregation.


As we were heading for home on Sunday there was just enough time to squeeze in another walk to Brough Castle. I have done this walk before so I knew our efforts would be rewarded with an ice cream from the lovely ice cream parlour on the farm next door.

Before we knew it, it was time to say our goodbyes and head off for home, the train back to leeds was packed so we had the luggage issue all over again but this time it was the worry of mum's bag getting crushed under the mountain of student rucksacks and breaking her hair dryer....OH MUM you are priceless!
We were greeted at Meadowhall station by the lovely Mr. H and the blue eyed boy who I had missed so much.
The icing on the cake was a gorgeous chilli made by the husband while watching gardeners world in my p.j's........ ROCK AND ROLL!!!

Just in case you were wondering team "Him and us" came 7th out of 10 for our efforts in the quiz night, managing to score the highest in the music round with 20 points out of 24, so we left the village hall with our heads held high!

hope you all had a great weekend : )


  1. I am sooooooooooo jealous, the views from your friend's cottage look stunning, I love the Lakes, we went there for our honeymoon, it rained a lot then but you kind of expect it in the Lake District, can't wait to go back someday :)

  2. Oh Lisa it really is beautiful and I would have loved to have posted pictures but I just didn't think it was right, if you pop round sometime I can show you then.
    We had every type of weather over the weekend but it didn't spoil it for us.
    : )

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Love your blog!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Thanks Liz
    we had a great time, I also love your blog only just found it so catching up at the moment with your older posts.
    : )