Saturday, 17 March 2012

HURRAY it's the weekend

Well I have survived a full week in my new job and lived to tell the tale!
It's been quite a tough week as I had become so used to being at home and pretty much doing whatever took my fancy. This usually amounted to a bit of blogging/pinterest/twitter and facebook with the odd bit of baking and crafting thrown in for good measure, and at least a cup of builders tea every hour!
Alas all good things come to an end and I find myself back in the workplace 5 days a week, but only for 4 hours a day so I suppose I shouldn't really complain.

I arrived home from work on Thursday gasping for a cuppa and generally feeling sorry for myself, to be greeted by this little package.

As you can imagine this cheered me up no end : )
Although it turned out to be a teeny bit larger than I imagined I fell in love immediately and can't wait to use it, unlike my friend - mentioning no names ahem... Donna Flower who takes it out of its box, looks at it admiringly then puts it back again!!!

Can you guess what it is yet?

Isn't it a thing of beauty.

As it's Mothering Sunday tomorrow and Mr. H's Birthday on Monday we decided to book a table here

It's on the Chatsworth Estate and a stones throw from Bakewell so plenty of walking opportunities, that's providing we can actually move after the lunch! It will be the perfect end to a tiring week.
Oh well only 14 more work days until the Easter Holidays (not that I'm counting!)

last Sunday was beautiful here in Sheffield and the sun shone all day, so we pulled on our wellies and headed out into the garden for a spot of clearing and tidying and of course the obligatory bonfire.

I think this picture was taken last year around this time. This is about halfway up the garden looking back down towards the house, so as you can tell its quite a large plot, not very wide but very long and its a fair old walk if you forget to take your trowel up to the veg patch at the very top.

this must have also been taken last year because the shed is now this colour and hopefully some time in the next month or so will become home to a few chickens - Can't wait.

and this is what I'm looking forward to in a few weeks time

Off now to make the old man a cuppa, he's been fixing a starter motor to Babs our VW, who decides every now and again to throw a tantrum if she feels she's been neglected

Happy weekend everyone and love to all the mums
: ) X


  1. Hahaha Can't believe you outed me as a mad handbag stroker!!!

    Love Babs, she's a beauty!

  2. Haha I hope you didn't mind the mention!
    Babs is a beauty but she's bloody temperamental, usually deciding to break down the week before our summer holidays, we have had her 10 years and love her but we have come very close to selling her a couple of times over the past two years but when it comes to the crunch we just can't do it.

  3. What a gorgeous bag. Love the garden, must be gardening in the water, as I did my post about my garden, and also our shed will be the home to some lovely chickens, just waiting for the hubby to make a pen for them, when hes finished the new paving of course, can't wait... Julie xxx

  4. Thanks Julie for your lovely comments on my blog, Im just about to hot foot it over to yours for a little read x

    1. Hi Mrs H... thanks for your comments, our four legged friend might be a bit iffy with the hens, he's a Lakeland terrier, so I think the terrier will be in full flow! We also have names, Olga, Ethel, Ingrid and Miss Lemon from Poirot. Julie xxx