Wednesday, 7 March 2012

All Good Things........

The last couple of months have been quite stressful for me as I have been job hunting after being made redundant back in October last year.
I had been working in a Convent for nearly six years and I can honestly say it was the best job EVER.
I had known some of the Sisters for over 20 years and over this time they had become more like family to me, sadly this made it even harder when the house finally closed and the Sisters had to move on.

Sister Ursula, Sister Brendan and Sister Elizabeth, affectionately known as

The blue eyed boy doing a spot of watering during the summer holidays!

School holidays were never a problem as he used to come along with me.
The Girls would make a fuss of him, sneaking him chocolate and treats and generally treating him like a little prince (which of course he is!).

I loved being a stay at home mum but when I was offered the job at the Convent it was the perfect opportunity for me as it meant I could work a few hours a week and not have to worry about child care.
Jobs like this are like gold dust and just when I thought I would never get another one, low and behold I was offered a job last week......WAIT FOR IT........TERM TIME ONLY *does a celebratory dance*
I can't quite believe my luck. Im just waiting to hear from them with the final details as the post wasn't originally term time only but they have very kindly adapted the hours to accommodate my child care situation.
I consider myself a very lucky girl to be given another opportunity to earn some extra cash and be at home for my boy(s)

So all is well in the Hotchpotch household and on this cheery note I leave you with a couple of my favourite snaps from the last few weeks.

don't be fooled by their prettiness as they gave off and odour which can only be likened to cat urine... EURGH!!!

Brucie doing it Cheryl Cole stylee!

Happy Wednesday everyone
: )


  1. That is brilliant news sweetie. So glad for you.

  2. Well done to you, the Convent job sounded interesting, love Brucie, so cute. Julie xxx

  3. thanks for the kind words x
    so far so good with the job, its not really what I trained to do or saw myself doing but it fits in perfectly with family life and I love that.
    : )