Thursday, 12 July 2012

Treasure Trove

Iv'e managed to get my mitts on few lovely bits and bobs over the last couple of weeks and thought perhaps you would like to have a gander.

Here are some recent car boot finds

a pile of Noddy books

a pretty sewing basket

.....mmmmmmm not too sure about that Barbie pink lining, it looks suspiciously like a dressing gown to me!

a lovely bowl which might be keeper

another bowl, not in great condition but I really loved the colours and for £2 it would have been rude not to!

a giant tea pot which reminded me of the Convent where I used to work so this just had to come home with me and only a £1.........more tea Vicar!

this was discovered while rummaging through a box at the Summer (felt more like Autumn) fair at our local church last Saturday.

a lovely scrap of embroidery which had been badly placed in the most hideous frame but hopefully someday soon it will be transformed into a beautiful cushion.
(already breaking out into a cold sweat at the thought of firing up the Janome)

I also picked up pretty rose picture, a cup minus saucer and a lovely glass cake stand which had never been out of it's original box, I'm no Judith Miller but I'm guessing it's from the 70's, possibly a wedding present, who knows (pics to follow)

This little pot is my latest flea market find.

Still experimenting with instagram but loved how this turned out.

Iv'e been tackling my pile of W.I.P's and finally managed to get this done while watching Inspector Morse on a wet and miserable Sunday afternoon (the one where he died and yes there were tears)

Little H couldn't believe I had patched my jeans and was horrified when he realised I was actually going to venture out of the house in them. He said I was becoming more like Barbara from the Good Life
I got the idea when I first saw it here

Although I have enough unfinished projects to keep me busy for the next ten years I couldn't resist starting another one.
I enjoyed doing the hexie patch so much I thought I'd give this a bash.

I do love a bit of hand stitching while watching the box
It's destined to become yet another cushion because as we all can never have too many cushions!

Well school's nearly out and I for one can't wait.
It's little H's 12th birthday the first week of the holidays and this will be the first time since he was born that we haven't had a huge party for him at home *sad face.
Usually by now all the plans have been made, lists compiled, invitations made and posted out and party bags made and filled..... but not this year, this year he asked if he could do something else *even sadder face.
I knew this day would come but nothing prepares you for the sudden realisation that your sticky fingered, blonde haired blue eyed boy has grown up and morphed into a handsome pre teen with a complete set of adult teeth and squirting deodorant like it's going out of fashion... BLOODY NORA when did that happen?!!!

So he's decided he wants to play footie with his friends, so the pitch has been hired at our local park and a trainer/referee who will supervise take charge of the proceedings has been booked (good luck to him that's all I can say!)
Fingers crossed the weather picks up in time although I won't hold my breath!

I am also looking forward to our summer camping trip. This year we are Southwold bound, somewhere we have never visited before but it looks like just the kind of place we like and a little stop off in Holt on the way there and Cromer on the way back, with a trip to Wiveton Farm and Holkham Beach thrown in for good where did I put those waterproofs?!!!


  1. You'll love Southwold and you'll have to cross over by bridge or ferry to Walberswick on the other side of the water.

    Thanks for asking me, really kind, but honestly fine and great you linked. I've never been able to do a link to an actual post so very impressed.


    1. So looking forward to Southwold and the trip over the river sounds like a plan - thanks.
      The link is quite easy (it must be if I can manage it!)
      I just googled ' how to do a clickable link'
      let me know if you can't find it, I had to write it down as I knew I would never remember how to do it!
      : )

  2. Found you via Liz's blog, loved the name of yours so came for a peek. I live in Norfolk, all the places you intend visiting are well known to me, and I do hope it stops raining for you! Love your charity shop finds, am always envious when I see what folks pick up at car boots and in charity shops as I never find anything like they do!
    And I remember those days when you suddenly realise Mummy's little boy is attracting the attention of young females, using hair gel (I am going back over 20 years here) and deodorant and wanting to do their own thing. It's one of life's events that makes you realise (again!) how fast time flies and how we should make the most of each and every day.

    1. So glad you stumbled upon my ramblings, I have come across some great blogs this way and like you if I like the name I take a look!
      Thanks for your lovely comments, I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to leave a few words.
      : )

  3. Love the Noddy books and the embroidery finds, and I happen to like the new look jeans! x

  4. Thanks Anna, I have picked up quite a few of these over the last few months, sadly I can't keep them as I have no room so they will be coming along with me to the next vintage fair.
    As for the jeans I haven't worn them yet, not sure I am brave enough, I'll probably save them for my holidays so thanks for your encouraging comment.
    I love the look of your giveaway and will be popping over this weekend to join in the fun.
    have a great weekend
    : )