Friday, 27 July 2012

Three become one

It's been another tough week for us this week as new chicken keepers.
Hirsty started to look slightly off colour on Monday after she laid and egg minus the shell. We did everything it said in the books to help her as the broken shell can cause problems if not passed or retrieved.
She carried on eating and drinking but became a little lethargic, however on Wednesday she seemed to pick up and was back to her normal self, foraging around oblivious to Bruce's obsession with bottom sniffing.
Yesterday however she looked peaky again and stayed in the same spot under the hedge nearly all day, she carried on drinking but had no interest in food.
Mr H put her to bed early last night hoping she would be better this morning but when he went to check on her before work this morning she had died.
I'm not sure I am cut out for this chicken keeping malarkey, one minute they are running free around the garden as happy as Larry and then the next minute they are sick and dying. I really hope it's nothing we are doing and more to do with their former lives as battery hens.

God Bless you Hirsty and I hope you enjoyed your few weeks of freedom : (

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  1. Oh bless you! Please don't think you did anything wrong ... You gave her the best days of her little life xxx