Friday, 13 July 2012

R.I.P Bob

It's been a sad day today as we had to say goodbye to Bob, little H's hen.
We noticed yesterday that she looked really lethargic and slightly off balance and extremely pale.
We took her out of the shed and gave her lots of love and attention, we bathed her and massaged her belly, thinking she may be egg bound but in the end she wouldn't even eat or drink.

We kept her in the house overnight were she would be warm and cozy and Mr H even took her to work with him today so he could keep his eye on her.
As the day went on she failed to perk up so Mr H took her along to the vet.
He said we had done everything possible to help her and had probably given her the best 3 weeks of her life but other than antibiotics which he felt probably wouldn't work anyway, there was little else he could do.
So sadly we decided to put the poor love out of her obvious misery.
R.I.P gorgeous girl.


  1. I think that last photo says it all - look how happy she was! And you did that for her. The vet's right, you gave a poor miserable hen a shot at freedom and love and care, and of course, that three weeks would have seemed much longer to her. Have a lovely weekend safe in the knowledge that you are a superstar to all of your feathered friends! x

  2. Always sad when you have to put an animal down, know the feeling only too well. But at least you know she had some good times with you and yours. Thanks for the comment re mags... like you I appreciate it when folk leave a message, though they don't always check back to see if it has been commented on or replied to.