Sunday, 6 May 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

My weekends are usually spent pottering, either around the house or weather permitting, in the garden but not this weekend... NO I have been as busy as the busiest bee in busy town.
I had a great day at St Mary's Vintage and craft market yesterday, meeting and chatting to people, some new faces and some regulars at the fair.
As usual I only had a few minutes to whip round before the doors opened so didn't manage any photos this time...sorry : (
Although Mr. H must have taken this when I wasn't looking

I'm thinking of trying a new layout for next time just to make it more interesting, I will be keep the corner cupboards as they give the much needed height to the stall and I am able to hang my banner across although you can't see it on this picture, besides everyone seems to like them and Iv'e had plenty of people asking me if they are for sale.
The fair was unusually quiet but my lovely friend popped down and we had a chat about all the gorgeous things we wanted to buy.. hope you didn't spend too much Sian Thomas!!!

Had to hitch a ride home with my other lovely friend Claire as my boys were at the match and stuck at the other side of the city, normally it wouldn't matter but I had to get home quickly as possible for a quick wash and brush up (I really should put more effort into this now I'm knocking on a bit!) before I was off out again into Sheffield for a school reunion, which I have to say was total pants and not very well organised, I did catch up with a few friends who I keep in touch with anyway so all was not lost.
Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not much of a drinker (at least not these days) and I was safely home by 11pm ish, sporting my stripy P.J's with a cuppa and Country Living in hand

Ooooh dear look at that nasty chipped nail varnish, it definitely didn't look like that when I went out!

It was a massive day in Sheffield yesterday (which is probably why St Mary's vintage fair was so quiet) as the two rival football teams were vying for an automatic promotion place, I'm not exactly sure of the ins and outs but I had everything crossed for Sheffield Wednesday to win otherwise it was going to be a dismal bank holiday weekend in our house.
Luckily for me (and the boys) it was a blue and white victory and all was well.

Sheffield Wednesday: Civic reception to celebrate Owls promotion - Local - The Star

Apparently the H boys were part of the pitch invasion. *horrified look on face*

The Sun was shining in Sheffield when I woke up this morning so although I didn't quite feel as fresh as a daisy I was totally hangover free (albeit slightly bloated from all the coke I drank) we decided to hotfoot it to the local car boot, sadly no bargains today and we came home empty handed.
A few more gardening jobs have been crossed off the list but Still no chicken run (she says through gritted teeth.)

So its been another busy day and I really feel like I need 40 winks but have to get ready as we are meeting up with my lovely friend Claire and her equally lovely OH and we are off into town again to see...

A lie in will definitely be the order of the day where did I put those maracas?!!!
hope you are having a great bank holiday weekend
: )


  1. Gosh, I'm shattered just reading about your weekend! Stall looks lovely!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Iv'e only just got up Liz, didn't get home until 1am this morning, I'm just too old for this especially 2 days in a row!!!
    Thanks for the comment about the stall, it was a really slow day so a bit disappointing but I have another fair in a couple of weeks so at least I still have plenty of stuff left.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
    : )

  3. Hello! Your stall looked wonderful....We have been doing The Vintage Pop Up Fairs here in the north west,and sometimes they can be alittle just need the right customer!! Loved my stay looking through your charming blog! x

    1. Hi Maria
      thank you for your lovely comment.
      I did another craft fair at the weekend that was also a little slow, hopefully the next one will be busier x