Sunday, 20 May 2012

Another Vintage Weekend

is it just me or are the days and weeks just flying by? I can't believe that June is just around the corner.
Spring seems to have completely passed me by this year, maybe it's because it feels more like autumn.
The H's have been saddened this week by the loss of our blackbird chicks which were happily nesting in our beech hedge, that is until the magpies came along and the rest as they say is history.
I have noticed that Mr. and Mrs. Blackbird have been keeping themselves busy nest building again so hopefully we will get a second clutch sometime soon.

On a lighter note Saturday meant yet another craft fair. It was organised by the very lovely Lucy Mellon, it was her first event and hopefully the first of many.
It was a very relaxed atmosphere and there were lots of lovely stalls, some favourites of mine from Mary's Marvellous and some new stalls I hope to see again hopefully closer to pay day!

I tried a slightly different layout this time with the addition of my old shelves and I think it worked well and I had some really positive comments.

I had a great neighbour too in the very lovely Adele Donnellan@nicethingsby. It was her very first craft fair and to say she was excited was an understatement!!!

Spotted this in the newsagent's on the way home from the fair.

So with P.J's warmed to perfection and mug of builder's tea balancing dangerously on the chair arm I settled down with my shiny new magazine.

There was lots of this....OOOOH!

and some of this.......AAAAH!

and plenty of this......MMMMMMMMMMM!

I can definitely feel another subscription looming.

Sunday meant car boot day much to little H's dismay as he had to be dragged out of bed at 7.30, he made it quite clear to us that Sunday's are for lie ins and under no circumstances should he have to get out of his bed before 10 a.m, so I did what any other self respecting parent would do when their 11½ year old is stomping around the house with a face like thunder........ I resorted to plain old fashioned blackmail, I promised him a massive ice cream if he picked up his chin from the floor and as my gorgeous boy is easily pleased it seemed to work a treat.
Once he was up washed and in the car he was fine and actually enjoyed hunting for his own car booty, bringing home one or two treasures which of course I ended up paying for!

not much in the way of treasure for me apart from this which caught my eye just as we were leaving

The box has seen better days but there are 48 cards, making a complete set.

maybe I will keep or maybe they will end up being used to make greetings cards for the next vintage fair..... decisions, decisions.

So car booting over for another week there was only one thing for it.............extra large 99's all round!

hope you had a great weekend
: )


  1. I'm glad you blogged about your car booty today. Your thrifty find will make lovely greetings cards. I've calmed down a little since the craft fair. It was just so lovely to be around people with similar interests and obviously I got my new ice cream glasses x

    1. I hope we are neighbours again some time very soon x

  2. I've made rhubarb and cinnamon muffins before, they are v yummy and the magazine looks fabulous! Love the layout at the craft fair :-) x

    1. I'm definitely going to try the muffin recipe, haven't done any baking at home for ages. I would highly recommend the magazine. x

  3. I've made rhubarb and cinnamon muffins before, they are v yummy and the magazine looks fabulous! Love the layout at the craft fair :-) x

  4. I bought the three little bowls from your lovely stall and they've already been much admired! Glad you enjoyed selling at the fair as much as I enjoyed browsing. Definitely going to track down that magazine, too! :)

  5. Lucy did a great job organising the fair, although it was a little quiet I still enjoyed the day.
    So pleased you liked the little bowls and I have seen the picture of them on your blog (which I will be reading from now on)
    It seems strange to see them there knowing they were in my dining room only a couple of days ago!

  6. ooh 99 for me please, great post and love everything. Taz seems to be ok with the girls, but I think he is a bit jealous. Julie xxx