Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My favourite things this week

Not too much happening here this week. As usual weather has been unpredictable to say the least so gardening jobs are on hold until the sunshine decides to show.
I have another craft fair coming up next weekend but only need to make a few bits and bobs as I still have quite a bit left over from last time.
SO it's back to 'pottering' and catching up on the mountain of ironing I have been ignoring for the last few days weeks okay months!
I have also managed to squeeze in a few trips to the Charity shops which always makes me happy.

Some other things that have made me happy this week

Yet another commemorative tin that managed to find it's way into my basket......sorry Mr. H

OOOPS! really don't know how that happened

decided I needed my own bag adorning with one of my Union Jack thingy bobs!

Every one of my sweet pea seeds have germinated, still small I know but I was late with my sowing this year (too busy with this blogging malarkey!)

The rogue forget me not that seeded itself in with the mint.

The apple tree.

The patch of grass (nearly) ready for the arrival of the plum tree.

My new favourite mug and catching up with my ever increasing blog list.

Just wanted to say thank you to all the people who take time to read my ramblings and for those lovely few who follow my blog, it is very much appreciated X
: )


  1. Hiya

    Beccles is about 30mins from Southwold so pretty close. Worth a look round, Prezzo there too for pizza lunch.


    1. Thank you, will be pestering you again nearer the time to see if there are any vintage/craft fairs I can visit during our stay.
      ; )