Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Chasing my tail

I love blogging much more than I thought I would and if I could I would do it much more often.
Time is really tight at the moment and work is very demanding due to a member of staff leaving after only a month, and as there was only the two of us anyway you can see my problem, basically I am running the cafe single-handedly.
I can cope with the hard work, it's the lack of time to myself I am finding difficult.

I love having my own quiet time, the time between unlocking my front door, kicking off my shoes and switching on the kettle, to the time my boys come bursting through the front door, laughing, joking and generally making a right old racket.
Don't get me wrong I'm all for a bit of noise and liveliness but I really really love time in my own company, even if only for an hour.
Time to do my own thing whether it be catching up with my favourite blogs, picking up the old crochet hook or magazine or just jotting in one of my many notebooks (did I mention I am addicted to notebooks???)
Up to now I have been a very lucky girl and I would even go as far as to say I have been spoiled, my work has always allowed for 'me' time.

What I suppose I really want to say is I'm frustrated, frustrated that I'm not getting as much time as I'd like, time to do all the things I like to do. Hope that makes sense.

Anyway going back a week or so now, I was lucky enough to get a table at Mary's Marvellous vintage and craft market, I didn't sign up for the last one in August because I was off on my holibobs and I knew I wouldn't have time to make much, to be honest I didn't have time to make anything new for this fair but I did have a few new vintagey bits and bobs to add to the mix so all was not lost.
I really enjoy this fair as it has such a lovely atmosphere and I have met some great people over the last year and made some lovely friends along the way.

I didn't have a practice run this time and decided to wing it.

I had 10 minutes to spare after setting up so had a quick whizz around before the doors opened.
There were two new stalls in particular that stood out for me.

I just love the combination of the illustrations and the gorgeous colours

I immediately fell in love with this stall, it just had that full to the brim look but not overly cluttered.

I loved the badges and mirrors and I became very envious when The lovely Debs who's stall it was told me she had one of those proper big old badge making thingies.
We got to chatting as you do and it turns out I am an avid reader of her blog Two bones and a bagel, although she freely admits her blogging mojo had left her for a while, she promised she would try to get back into the swing of it.

It was quite a busy day, probably due to it being freshers week but I didn't sell that much as students don't really buy my stuff, they come  for vintage clothing more than anything ( I didn't sell the shoes)
I don't think it was just me either, a few people were saying they hadn't been busy but that's how it goes sometimes I suppose.
My lovely friend Adele popped down and spent most of the day with me, she helped me run the stall and generally did a fantastic job of cheering me up with tales of her recent holiday, she is exactly the tonic I needed as she is just one of those people who always has a smile on her face and an hilarious story to tell, we spent most of the time scoffing, cackling like two old biddies and plotting a fabulous idea we have which involves us dressing up as Margot (Leadbetter) and Audrey (Fforbes- Hamilton).....that's all I'm going to say for the moment.

Sunday can only mean one thing..... I must admit after yesterday's early start I didn't really feel like getting up but by Jove  I'm glad I did.

Just feast your eyes on this lovely lot

fabulous glasses perfect for a little snifter!

a very pretty tea towel

these were my two most extravagant purchases at £2.50 each

I also picked up some beautiful silk hankies that I will try to photograph for next time.

However I'm saving the best for last......

I can just picture it now....me sunning myself with a glass of champers in one hand and a crochet hook in the other!!!
All this beauty (although Mr. H would beg to differ) for £1.50

As I can't see myself parting with any of this little lot any time soon, I will have to make room for it by putting some of my own stuff on the next vintage fair.

I have big plans to get things done over the next few weeks despite the lack of time
I aim to get my Etsy shop re-stocked with lots of lovely things in time for Christmas, I also want to have a good old clear out so will hopefully get a few bits and bobs on E bay and I want to make a start on my kitchen cupboard, not to mention making the Christmas cake, I usually do this around September so I really need to get my skates on, like I said lots to do.... so little time.


  1. Great post - so many wonderful things! Love the pink china tea set and, of course, the Scottish glasses!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Loved this post! Lots of lovely things to look at! Just grab what little snippets of time you can, I know what you mean though, I love my girls, my family and my friends, but I also NEED that quiet time! Think us creative souls do! Ada :)

  3. Sorry you didn't do so well at your Fair but it all looked lovely and you had a great day with friends, so can't be bad,and it'll pick up next time. Love your boot sale finds, especially the lounger (what a bargain!).

    Enjoy your week

    Claire xxx

  4. Vintage fairs have really slowed down in the last few months :( Some lovely finds, well done! x

  5. Hello!

    Just a note to let you know I tagged you on my latest blog post, no pressure to complete it but just thought I would let you know!



  6. Anyone that hasn't seen Mrs Hotchpoth's stall in true life needs to. It is beautiful and full of treasure. Your new finds are fab too. My Nanna had a lounger like that but in brown. My sister got consertinad in it once which I obviously thought was hilarious and still vividly remember at least 30 years later.