Friday, 26 October 2012

Beside the seaside beside the sea

We decided last week that we needed to get away from it all just for a day. Iv'e been doing lots of extra hours at work and Mr. H has been doing lots of training at work (he trains others to drive fork lift trucks along with his other fun police health and safety duties)

We could hear the call of the sea so we set the alarm for stupid o clock Sunday morning, threw our wellies in the boot and headed on up to North Yorkshire, to a favourite little place of ours....... you guessed it..... Whitby!

An added bonus to our trip......a car boot YAY!
unfortunately it was pants : (
however I did find this amongst the tat

The weather forecast promised us sunshine and sunshine it did!

We walked along the beach from Whitby to Sandsend, stopping at The Hart for lunch and some much needed liquid refreshment before walking back to Whitby, the beach was quite busy with dog walkers but Bruce behaved himself impeccably.

We planned to walk up the steps to the Abbey but after the massive lunch and then tea and cake here we just couldn't manage it this time, so instead The Hotchpotch boys had a game of crazy golf while I sat in the car overlooking the sea.
Obviously I didn't leave the house without my crochet hook and a ball of wool so I managed to finish the final granny square I needed for my camper blanket.

Of course I couldn't leave without a visit to Dotty about Vintage
I was amazed that Trudie remembered me from my last visit

A few of the spare pennies were spent in the slots before we shared fish and chips on the harbour front, then home in time for Downton.
As Pop Larkin would say...........PERFICK .

OOOH nearly forgot

these are the bits of china I picked up from the table top sale last Saturday

a pretty set of five trios

another set of five trios and a cake plate

and these are what I found a the jumble sale
I already have one of these tupperware bowls but this looks like new and the flour/sugar shaker is something I have actually needed for ages as my old one has a loose top which isn't ideal!

Here's to another great weekend ahead

Happy Friday All

: )


  1. Replies
    1. I wish we were going again this weekend!

      : )

  2. I would love to go to Whitby, my parents went a few years ago & said they had the best fish & chips ever! Looks like a lovely day out xx

    1. It's beautiful I'm sure you would love it. A mix of beautiful countryside and traditional seaside town packed with history. So much to see and do, a day is never enough.

      : )

  3. Oh Mrs Hotchpotch, what a perfect day you had. That walk between Sandsend and Whitby was the first time Beatrix went on a beach last summer, and then we did go up the 199 steps because she is one step-obsessed dog; every time she sees them she has to go kerflumping up and down.

    Love the new vintage additions too - thriftlust has struck me!

    Anna x

  4. I thought you might like this post Miss B!
    Little H has managed to break one of the plates to one of the trios already : (

  5. I love Whitby - you did well at the jumble sale! xxxx

  6. Whitby is wonderful. And I love your china. xx

  7. So Sorry Mrs H! Have deleted your comment on my blog by mistake ... delete and publish right next to each other and my podgy fingers hit the wrong one! If you would be so kind as to comment again I'll make sure it gets published this time! Love Claire xx