Saturday, 16 June 2012

Marvellous Mary

OH This weather!
I really don't want to bang on about it but what is happening?....glorious sunshine one minute and torrential downpours the next, my poor veggies don't know whether to look to the sky or dive for cover, they are looking decidedly bruised and battered.

However the dreary weather doesn't seem to be bothering the bees and the chives are absolutely heaving with them at the moment

Apart from the obligatory mowing, the gardening has been sidelined for the moment as the chickens will be arriving next weekend (about bloody time I hear you cry!) We knew the longer we talked about it the less chance we would actually get around to building the run so we decided hey why not order the chickens then we would definitely have to build the run, so thats where we are at the moment... still no run and the girls arrive next Saturday!

Back to this Saturday and it was that time again when St Mary's church in Sheffield threw open it's doors for it's 8th (I think) Vintage and Craft Market.

As always the fair had been well publicised so an orderly queue had formed outside and as soon as the doors opened at 10a.m the church quickly began to fill up,there is always a really good mix of people from all generations, some experiencing vintage for the first time right through to the more mature ladies and gents who have seen things come round full circle.
The sellers and crafters are also a great mix of people and the organisers always manage to get the balance spot on, keeping the regular stallholders but always mixing it up with new sellers.

As ever I took ages to set up as I always take too much so it was a quick sprint around before I had to get back to man my stall ( and devour a bacon sarni!)

My stall was the usual mix of vintage bits and bobs with a few of my makes thrown in, although I have struggled to find time to make much I don't think it looked too bad. Sorry no picture today, I forgot!!!
I try to make something new for each fair just so the regular visitors don't get bored of looking at the same things. I have noticed I have a few customers who always buy from me which is really lovely.

I made a couple of these to take along, sadly I also brought both of them back home again,I noticed people were certainly not spending much today and after talking to many of the other sellers they were noticing too, and some of them were only just getting their stall money back which is really sad when you put so much care and attention into making things not to mention the cost of the materials.
I didn't do to badly so I can't complain and I have lots to take along to the next fair and I did have a couple of ladies approach me about possibly selling my things in their shops, one a tea room and the other vintage furniture, both were looking for locally made crafts so fingers crossed!

I met Heather last Christmas at a school Christmas fair and was bowled over by her gorgeous books

the book covers can be anything from vintage tea towels, to ladybird books and maps, I could have quite easily emptied her stall in one fail swoop as anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for notebooks.

I was very very good again today and only came home with this sweet little brooch....

although there were lots of other things I could have brought home, including this little fella

All made by a lovely lady who's other work can be found here.

I have been so busy getting ready for the fair that I'm ashamed to say I'm not on the ball with Father's day preparations this year and only managed to get a box of licorice allsorts for Mr. H and as for my dad and stepdad I will have to get my thinking cap on and get something in the morning - OOOPS!

Off now to make 3 Father's day cards and 2 cards for Grandad's.......It's true what they say- a woman's work is never done!

Love to all the Dad's, Grandad's and let's not forget the Godfather's

: )

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