Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilations, celebrations and exasperations

One can only say that it has been a Truly great weekend. I have watched most of the coverage from the comfort of my sofa and the bits I didn't manage to see, I have recorded so I will look forward to catching up with that very soon.

It seems like I am a week behind with everything at the moment, only catching up with The Chelsea Flower show on Friday!
Jubilations aside Mr. H booked a full week off work so we could spend some time together and the plan was to go camping in Derbyshire for a couple of days, thanks to the not so great British weather we decided to abandon the trip and wait until the sun decides to show it's face again so that will probably be around the 12th of........NEVER!!!

Despite the disappointment we have still managed to enjoy our time off so far and little H has a camping trip with scouts at the weekend so it's not all bad.

Iv'e managed to squeeze in a bit of making whilst been sat on one's backside watching the Jubilee and will be taking the fruits of my labour along to the next vintage/craft fair at St Mary's on the 16th June, so if you are in or around Sheffield then pop in for a mooch, I can highly recommend it!

I think granny squares have to be my all time favourite thing to crochet, quick,easy and so very versatile!

bunting is so hard to photograph in all its glory.

Iv'e also been on the hunt for treasure and managed to pick up a few bits and bobs over the last few weeks I usually have a hard time in deciding which bits I'm going to keep and which bits I will take along to the fair to find a new home but this latest haul is mine..... ALL MINE!

I don't know what kind of person would take this to a charity shop but obviously they are either deranged or just have no concept of Cath but I kid you not this is what I found in my local charity shop today for only two (yes you heard correctly) English pounds.

The box has never even been opened.

and it's not the first bit of C.K I have discovered in recent times, prior to this amazing discovery I have found a necklace and earring set still in its original packaging and never been used and a set of 12 place mats again still packaged and never been used. *speechless

This lovely stool picked up from the local Thursday morning flea market.
Unfortunately I had to cart it through town, then into work, up to the twelfth floor and through the main staff dining area then all the way back down again and through town then onto the bus to get it home. I think it was worth the effort though as it looks right at home in my teeny, tiny kitchen.

A few more Enid Blyton's for the collection from our local monthly car boot.

One of my favourite Ladybird books from childhood (oh no I feel another collection coming on!) this came from the same lady as the Enid Blyton's, I think it was 10p

This cute little glass and cottage pomander, just need to replace the ribbon as it was a bit grotty.

Sunshine yellow knitting needles from another local charity shop.

The little Whitby boat was picked up for £1 and will be added to the collection.

The Woods ware gravy boat was another bargain at 50p, this will be used as part of our everyday crockery.

So all in all some great finds and I am very happy with my lot.

This week has also seen the return of the sewing machine to the dining room table, as some of you know this piece of machinery is not what you could call a friend, the mere sight of it makes me nervous as I know it will only cause me stress and heartache the minute I put my trembling foot on the pedal (not sure if your foot can tremble but you know what I mean!)
Even sewing straight lines causes me grief so why on earth I promised to make Mr. H some pyjama bottoms I'll never know.
I did attempt a skirt last year which is wearable but only just and I also had a bash at a shell top which was supposed to take a couple of hours but in fact took me a week and isn't even finished yet!
So I'm going to count to ten and take a deep breath and venture into the dining room
I may be some time......................................


  1. I said 'ooh!' quite a few times while reading this post as I'm highly jealous of your thrifty finds! I picked up a copy of 'Well Really, Mr. Twiddle!' the other week to add to my Blyton collection - that very edition. Whitby is one of my all-time favourite places so love the boat. And the soaps! You're right, someone clearly didn't know what they had there, but all the better for you. I'll have to try harder at my Sheffield treasure scouting :)

    1. I'm still getting over the shock of the C. K soaps!
      We love Whitby too and try and get up there whenever we can, haven't been for a few months so having withdrawal symptoms.
      : )

  2. Lovely, lovely blog, and what a lot of fabulous treasure! I recognised things in your home that I have adorning my shelves and kitchen too! I have the CK soaps (but cost a bit more than £2!), that Emma B tray, and the card bunting. Love the picture of your little dog in the van and the curtains are gorgeous. Am so glad I stumbled across your blog ... it's just me! Love from your new follower, Claire xxx

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for being a follower.
    I'm still getting over the shock of finding those soaps for £2!
    Bruce my dog has just gone for a hair cut so I will be posting a picture of him asap as he looks so beautiful when he has been groomed.
    have a great weekend
    : )

  4. Yep great treasure!
    And has certainly been a fab weekend of late..
    Maybe we should all keep our bunting out for the forth coming olympics as it certainly is our year in Old Blighty!
    Maria x

  5. Oh what a lovely, inspiring post with such gorgeous thrifty finds!!!

    Jo x x

  6. Hiya......It is that nutty woman from the craft fair :D Hope you are sat with ya feet up and havin a nice cuppa.Great blog..... and Bruce....omg i am in love hehe and i thought my cavies Bertie and Henry only had that effect :)Well happy bargain hunting .....those CK SOAPS!!! my god how could anyone get rid...well good job they did cos you are now the proud owner. Well take care, keep posting and in our kinda world is so much happier :) Lisa Mcc xxx

  7. Hi Lisa
    good fun talking to you today I think we must have been twins in a former life!
    : ) x