Sunday, 2 September 2012

Part Two

Well laundry done and a sizeable dent has been made in the ironing pile, so I'm back with more holiday tales (no yawning now!!!)

Bruce sleeps in the camper with me while Mr. and (not so) little H sleep in the tent, it works well as Mr. H is a bit on the tall side and the bed in the van isn't quite long enough for him which is handy for me as I'm not really struck with the idea of sleeping in the tent. It was great waking up to see the sunshine peeking through the gaps in the curtains, not so great to feel Bruce like a dead weight at the bottom of my bed and not being able to turn over.

The Funky Mackerel is another favourite of ours, the views are fantastic and the bacon sarnis are even better and they welcome dogs which is a bonus.


I did make time for a bit of thrifting in between all that scoffing, so I'll be back soon when Iv'e taken pics of my treasures. Iv'e also got exciting news on the job front and something coming up that I can't wait to tell you about. : ) P.s there seems to be another technical hitch and blogger isn't allowing me to leave spaces between sentences......I'm counting to 10


  1. Such a warm and friendly post! I think Bruce is the perfect bed companion and since I fell in love a long time ago with wagons such as yours, I feel a little envy!
    Thanks for sharing with us and congratulations about the job news (whatever it is, if it is good I am happy for you!)
    Enjoy the last days of Summer,

  2. Don't be fooled the camper is a money pit which needs constant love and attention or it gets sulky then refuses to work! Despite all this we do love it and it hasn't given us any trouble this year so far.
    Bruce is great really and he does keep your feet warm!
    Thanks for your lovely comment and the good wishes regarding the job. I love sharing snippets of my life on here and I'm just happy that other people seem to like reading my ramblings!
    : )

  3. I have those curtains in my kitchen! What lovely photo's & Bruce is very cute.... :) x

  4. Looks like you had a great time, love the rock sculpture! Ada :)