Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Snow stopped play

I had big plans for last weekend, a bit of thrifting at a table top sale at my favourite church, a little bit of retail therapy (still have birthday pennies burning a hole in my pocket!) throw in  a spot of gardening/seed sowing and I had the perfect weekend planned.
Alas this was not to be as the snow came on Friday and didn't show any signs of stopping.
This is how my garden  looked when I threw back the curtains Saturday morning.

Oh well I thought - no matter at least I have have next week off work so I can get out in the garden then.
NO CHANCE, it's now Tuesday and the garden is still covered in a thick blanket of the white stuff......Grrrrrrr!!!

So back to the weekend, we did manage to pop out late on Saturday afternoon in search of Eastery  decorations and paint. Again things didn't go quite to plan as there were no decorations to be had and we ended up having to order the paint.
 Determined not to return home empty handed and with spring in mind (despite the snow) these little beauties were bundled into the boot, along with a little glass jar, a new washing up bowl, a rosemary plant and a few chocolatey treats.

Armed with my new cloths and rubber gloves Sunday saw me  set to work on the kitchen (not before time) No stone was left unturned as I scrubbed and polished EVERY nook and cranny.

and my reward for all this hard work..................

The very lovely Mr. Kitchen
I feel the weekend didn't turn out too badly after all!


  1. I'm quite jealous that you've already started your spring cleaning. I keep promising myself that I'll start tomorrow but there is always something more exciting to do when tomorrow comes!!

  2. Think we are all stating indoors at the moment, perhaps I ought to do some cleaning too.........;) x

  3. I'm jealous of your snow!! We have none in sunny Devon. I need to spring clean my kitchen, my shelves of china could do with a good clean..... may be if I had one of those lovely buckets! x