Sunday, 3 February 2013

It's been a while

Well hello there.
I'm still here although it seems like ages since my last post.
Iv'e been a bit, what you could call 'out of sorts' lately.
I'm not entirely sure what it brought this about but I'm guessing it may have had something to do with me being called upon to do jury service. I think I have been feeling a little anxious without realising it, I have even lost a few pounds so I know something is up!
Anyways I have been excused from the call up as they have enough for the jury, so I'm now feeling slightly relieved, but at the same time a little disappointed...there's no pleasing me is there?!!!

There's nothing much happening around here at the moment, the usual day to day stuff, school run, work, tidying up after EVERYONE, laundry, throwing together a meal before back out for the school run, you know how it is!
I suppose that's another reason why I haven't been around much, just getting on with life really.

Last Monday evening we attended little H's school for a GCSE options presentation. I'm doing a fabulous impression of an ostrich at the moment, burying my head in the sand, wishing it would all go away, as my baby is far too young to be considering his GCSE options (o.k I know he's nearly 13)but the only options he should have to face at the moment is whether to put ketchup or brown sauce on his bacon buttie or what colour pants to wear!
I am so not ready for this.

I have managed to squeeze in a teeny weeny bit of crafting, just to relieve the stress you understand.

The campervan hexie cushion is coming along nicely albeit a little slower than anticipated, probably due to the fact Iv'e started something else....OOOPS just how did that happen?!!!

I couldn't resist the colours of this cheap as chips wool. I think I just needed something bright and cheerful to cheer me up on the dark, dull and downright miserable January days.

Iv'e also managed to make a few cards but not nearly enough to see me through the year, which if you remember from my last post was my intention. Never fear the card making stuff is still on the dining room table so I intend to crack on with a few more this week.

I feel slightly more myself now that February is here because as some of you know February is my birthday month.
I'm not that happy about being another year older and even less enthused about looking another year older but on the plus side birthdays in our house are always celebrated with a day out somewhere and ALWAYS cake.
This year Mr. H and I will be tootling over to Buxton to see a band and the lovely Mr. H has also booked a little place to stay over, so no driving home.

I haven't had much luck with the thrifting lately, my local charity shops seem to be struggling to fill the shelves at the moment.
I did attend a jumble sale last weekend where I did pick up this cute little bookcase.

Sadly it went downhill from there as I ended up in a slanging match with a couple of blokes who thought it was acceptable to push me so hard I nearly ended up on top of the table along with the jumble, suffice to say I left in a huff with my little bookcase tucked tightly under my arm!

: ) x


  1. Poor you, those men sound awful. I wouldn't be down about the jury service, it would have been dull as ditch water after about an hour, no doubt. Much better to get on with that lovely stripey crochet of yours.
    Hen x

  2. That patchwork is fabulous - love it. Wait until you are deciding on which uni to attend!! xxxx

  3. Oh my, searching for little treasures at charity shoppes and jumble sales never seemed to be so rough in the past...I miss Boot sales here!
    Lovely shelf though (and you held on to it, good for you!)

  4. Sorry about the jury service! Beautiful hexies and love your cute bookcase! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  5. I did Jury service when I was 18.... I hated it!!! I wasn't grown up enough to do it :( Love all your crafty work x

  6. Love your makes, try and not stress, it will be fine! :) x

  7. Hooray for birthdays (mine this month too) Boo to pongo men at jumble sales... fab bookshelf though! Happy Birthday XXX

    noodleBubble x

  8. Hi,
    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. More details on my last post.
    Rosie x