Friday, 4 January 2013

No New Year resolutions here

I no longer make new year resolutions, I know myself well enough to know I do not posses one iota of willpower, therefore ultimately resulting in disappointment by the second week in January.
I have decided though that this year I am going to put more effort into making things for us and our home. I still hope to do a few fairs but as they take up so much time, I'm going to concentrate more on the Etsy shop, probably adding a few vintagey bits and bobs to the mix......who knows I might even make another sale!

Iv'e already started as I mean to go on, Iv'e hooked up a few granny squares and made lots of little hexies

these will hopefully be transformed in cushions for the dining room chairs (boy are they hard on the old bum!) they will also add a splash of much needed colour to the predominantly green/cream colour scheme.
My eyes have been opened to colour over the past year or so and colours I would have never thought of entertaining have now become firm favourites and feel I need them in my everyday life.

I always like to have a few balls of colourful wool and a hook close to hand as I find crochet something you can dip in and out of at any time, especially when the light fades and it becomes difficult to thread the needle (I'm turning into my grandma!)

So as I'm still not ready to completely let go of Christmas I hooked up a few of these which will become jam pot covers for the home made chilli jam I have in mind to give as little prezzies next year.

I had also planned to do a litte makeover on the standard lamp and after seeing this gorgeous shade at the button tin last year but never managed to get around to it, somehow other things just got in the way (and Mr. H needed some convincing) then seeing Ada's blog and her amazing lampshade 'tree' I knew I needed to have a go, then as if I needed any more convincing I visited Dotty about Vintage on my recent Christmas jaunt to Whitby and there in the shop window was Trudie's gorgeous tree, the only problem I have now is whether to use fabric like Ada or tissue paper like Trudie........decisions decisions!

There are also a few rather large decorating projects that need to be tackled in the coming months. Our windows need stripping and re painting on the outside. Mr. H insists on doing these ourselves as he takes pride in the fact he completely strips them back, replaces any old/rotting wood with new then undercoats and paints them meticulously, something he says no regular painter would do unless we took out a small mortgage and I must admit I think he's right, and the proof is in the pudding as they say because the sash windows we renovated at our old house nearly 20 years ago are still going strong and look as good as new.
Our hallway floor also needs completely re sanding and varnishing, the loft needs insulating and boarding and there are rooms that are also in need of a lick of paint and a spot of prettifying, not forgetting the 30 quid kitchen unit that needs finishing.
I also want to spend more time in the garden. I'm sad to say I did lose faith after the chickens were taken last year, in fact I haven't been able to bring myself to do anything out there since they went, but thanks to the lovely Mr. H who gave me this for Christmas, I have found I'm itching to pull on my wellies and get myself out there again.

I have a massive crush on Monty just incase you didn't know!

So no resolutions per se but plenty of plans and more lists for the year ahead so bring it on!

I would love to hear of your plans resolutions or anything else you might be getting up to in 2013


  1. Hello Mrs H! No resolutions here either, but plenty of plans ... I don't really like January but tis a good time to research and plan things, being so grey and miserable outside. I hope you think again about the chickens because it would be really sad if you never experienced again the joys of chicken ownership. The hexies look gorgeous by the way ... I wish I could sew!

    Happy New Year, my dear

    Love Claire xxx

    1. I don't like January either, I think it's only the thought of my birthday in February that gets me through it, not that I look forward to being one year older but we usually do something nice!
      February should also be interesting as I have been called up for Jury service.
      We are definitely planning on having chickens again probably around March time, we are going to do a few improvements the run first.
      Happy new year to you too Claire

      : ) x

    2. y birthday is at beginning of March so that gets me through the bleakness of Jan & Feb ... and Spring is on it's way!

      Ooh I did Jury Service a few years ago, it was absolutely fabulous. Would love to do it again ... I hope you get picked and that it's a really juicy case!

      Glad about the chickens too ...

      Love Claire xxx

  2. Lovely things Mrs H! Those hexies are great, I've just started to put things together for a lampshade, might try and finish this week! Where did you get the pattern for the jam pot covers? I'd like to have a go!
    Please get out again in the garden, it was awful what happened, but if it stops you doing what you love, it somehow makes it even worse.
    Have a great weekend! :) x

    1. Thank you
      the pattern for the jam pot covers came from cute and easy crochet by Nicki Trench.
      I can message you with the pattern if you fancy it.
      We are definitely getting chooks again probably around March time once we have made a few improvements to the run.
      loved the sunshine colours on your post b.t.w going to pop over now and leave a comment.
      have a great weekend

      : ) x

  3. Hello! I came across your lovely blog by chance on Bobo Buns blog, and am very pleased to have found it, I am now following. Your crafty makes are absolutely wonderful, I've not done my hexagon quilt for a long while - really must dig that out again! Happy new year! Off for a proper read now! xx Gem

    1. Hi Gem and thanks for stopping by. I am also an avid reader of your blog so it's nice to finally get to have a little cyber chat!
      I loved your Christmas presents btw.
      Hope 2013 is as good to you as 2012.
      bye for now

      : ) x

  4. Lovely pretty things here ... love the hexies ... we have a mountain of work to do here this year too ... and as for resolutions ... I would just break them ... what's the point ... Bee xx

  5. Looks like you've got loads planned for 2013, would love to see how the lampshade turns out. I have a lampshade that I'm going to turn into a table. I am going to try to make more stuff for the house too and also get the last of the decorating done without spending too much money. Wish me luck! xx