Friday, 10 August 2012

Suffolk here we come

I can't believe we are very nearly into the fourth week of the school holidays, surely that can't be possible, how did that happen???

As usual it's all go here, trying to get all the little jobs done and generally getting in the holiday mood.
There is still tons to do but I really wanted to squeeze in a quick post before I head off into the sunshine (wishful thinking!!!)

Bruce has been to the pooch parlour

and the essentials have been packed

I was going to have a bash at this

but decided on another granny square blanket for the camper instead, I fear blankets are fast becoming another one of my obsessions.
Anyway back to the bag thing

I'd had my eye on it since I'd hopped on the tour bus and saw it there waiting for me and with 20% off it would have been rude not to bring it home... actually it was the lovely Mr. H who suggested I bring it home and who was I to argue.

What I'd actually called into CK for in the first place was this

This was a surprise find when I popped into Hillsborough last weekend to get Velcro.

All that ring loveliness for One English Pound

Our lovely next-door-but-one neighbours brought this round on Friday as a little thank you for keeping an eye on their house while they tootled off up North.

I love the packaging nearly as much as I love the gingerbread.
Every last crumb had been devoured by Saturday evening..... apart from the ones I found in the bed on Sunday morning, obviously not on my side of the bed you understand!
Who needs Mr. Grey at bedtime when you have Yorkshire tea and Grasmere gingerbread!!!

I'm totally loving the Olympics which is surprising really as I'm not what you could call a sporty person, I hated sport at school with the exception of hockey which we didn't actually play that often as we were far too dangerous, infact If my memory serves me well I recall it was brought to a rather abrubt end when one of the girls got her nose in the way of my friend and her hockey stick, I don't think I have ever seen so much blood, mind you as I remember it was quite a big hooter!!!
Being a Sheffield girl I'm looking forward to seeing this when I return from my holibobs.

 Well done Jess your City loves you  

fingers crossed for sunshine
I'll send you a postcard!

adios amigos : )


  1. Rosey saw that bag today and wants it for school. I thought noooo I want it for me, but I already have one. Shame I prefer red spots. If you're off to Beccles, definately look up Vintage Mischief as you'll have a good old explore. Round the back of Greggs and follow around the back of the Tatooist if you're not sure where. Have fun on the rest of your hols.